Sam Abdallah

Developer · Entrepreneur · USC Business 2020

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About me.

I'm a student, entrepreneur and software developer with strong interests in finance and disruptive technologies. I'm currently studying Business at USC, minoring in Computer Science and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Excited to be working at Deloitte Consulting next summer as a Business Technology Analyst Summer Scholar. Currently working as a Campus Representative for Plug and Play Ventures in the Money Tech vertical. Feel free to contact me regarding any investment opportunities related to Fintech, Insurtech or Security startups.


  • Sam Abdallah Name
  • 20 Age
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA Location
  • Java, C++, Javascript,
  • JQuery, AngularJS


Owards Casino

Software Intern - June 2017-August 2017

Worked on internal data analytics systems by improving user interfaces and adding functionality. Also engaged in several business analysis and research assignments, including creating a cashflow model for user acquisition. Core technologies utilized include Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, JQuery and MongoDB.

Software Intern - May 2016-August 2016

Worked to quickly solve time sensitive client problems and requests, having to reverse engineer plugins and learn new technologies on a daily basis. Core technologies utilized were Wordpress, PHP and Javascript. Solved issues for important clients including Risk & Insurance.



2016 Congressional App Challenge Winner for an education app called Greenlight that allows teachers to anonymously track student engagement and allow students to semi-anonymously ask questions. Developed with my partner Lucas Sacherer. I'm currently working on it by myself in order to make the website faster and add analytics for administrators to use for curriculum planning. Planning to reach out to schools for a pilot program in the Spring.

Creating an Amazon-to-Ebay arbitrage tool that compares prices, automatically generates Ebay listings, updates listings to stop losses and purchases inventory to ship directly to customers. Planning to release to the public using a freemium revenue model this Fall.


I'm very interested in Blockchain technology. Learning to program smart contracts in Solidity and also learning as much as I possibly can about the core technologies, protocols, and markets underlying Blockchain and the ICO economy. I'm personally invested in the space and am an active member of several Blockchain organizations and Slack groups including the Blockchain Education Network and the Ivan on Tech community.